News / 20 April 2020


Still at the center of a thriving crossroads between Campania and Puglia, the Feud of Castelfranco boasts a long history, made up of dominations and lordships, from the French De Lecto, to the Buisson and the Shabran, the Mansellas of Salerno, the Sforza, the Guevara, the Caracciolos, and the De Sangro.

Castelfranco was part of the Ultra Principality at the dawn of the nineteenth century, before becoming the Province of Benevento, following the unification of Italy and the election of Benevento as the capital city.

The long history and the many dominations have left their mark on the structure of the town, where ruins from the Roman era and the medieval castle are still visible.

Places to visit in the village of Castelfranco and its surroundings include:

  • The historic center of Castelfranco, particular the Churches of San Rocco and San Giovanni, and the Convent Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie
  • A walk in the woods of the village, stopping at the “Fontana Vecchia,” the ancient sulphurous water fountain
  • In nearby Puglia, the center of Roseto Valfortore, recently named among the “most beautiful villages in Italy,” where in the summer months, you can cool off at the “Piscina Il Mulini,” a large beautiful swimming pool for adults and children alike located at the site of an old mill.
  • The Museo della Civilta Contadina, in the nearby town of Montefalcone Val Fortore
  • The Museum of Tower Clocks, in San Marco dei Cavoti, a very famous town for the production of Croccantino artisan nougat
  • The historic center of the City of Benevento, a thousand-year-old city, with important evidence of the pre-Roman, Roman, medieval, and Renaissance periods