Treccia di Castelfranco

The “Treccia” (or braid) of Castelfranco in Miscano is a product obtained from the transformation of the fresh milk of the morning from cattle such as Brune and Frisone.



The milk was poured into a wooden vat at a temperature of about 36° celcius, and the rennet extracted from the calf, which is the enzymatic extract capable of causing milk to coagulate, was added.


The milk is poured into a steel vat at a temperature of about 36° celcius, and whey obtained from the previous processing is added as well as rennet extracted from the calf.


The preparation

About 25 to 30 minutes after the curdling, it is broken into pieces (called curds) with a wooden stick or a steel spindle making it into pieces as big as walnuts, leaving it to rest for a few minutes until the solid part separates from the liquid one (the whey); after that, the temperature is brought to 85° celcius to make ricotta.

The spinning test:
It is obtained by dipping a small piece in boiling water, if it shows that it is ready to be cut in thin slices, boiling water is added, and the stringy dough is worked with a stick to make it into the shape of a rope, after which the “rope” is braided, making the “treccia.”
It is then cooled a bit in cold water and then in brine for a few minutes.
The “treccia” will be ready to be tasted in all its unique, genuine flavor, recalling the taste of milk.

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